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“Pepper! Throw your shoes at me!”

I’ll stop reblogging this gifset when it stops being funny.

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Talking about how 999 is makes it seem like you’ve got to be really good at solving puzzles when really while you’re playing it it’s a lot more like


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HI GUYS! To celebrate the impending arrival of the wardrobe feature in Guild Wars 2, I am offering deep discount sketch commissions for Guild Wars 2 players who want art of their characters! 

GW2 players will be able to pay for their commissions with in-game gem store gifts rather than dollars, potentially knocking 20 dollars off what I’d normally charge for sketches. See here for items I’m willing to trade for: (things I have received already are crossed off!)

I normally wouldn’t offer commissions in exchange for digital goods, but I am very interested in grabbing some of the gem skins for when the wardrobe is implemented!  This is a very limited time offer!

If you are interested, check out this handy dandy form covered in adorable upset fish.

EDIT: Hey guys! I have sent emails out to or otherwise spoken to everyone who has thus far expressed interest in the gw2 sketch commissions! 

I’m gonna have to (at least temporarily) close them for now to finish up the ones I’ve gotten!  Thank you guys so much, you’re all awesome. <33

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First gw2 sketch commission!  This one’s for pessi! Thanks a lot!


First gw2 sketch commission!  This one’s for pessi! Thanks a lot!

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Forgetting you switched to a melee weapon from ranged and just waving your weapon at far away mobs like


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Pretty much about my whole life

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Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the fact that the character DC brought in to make Batman seem straighter is now a lesbian.

Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate how disgusted Batman’s face is while he’s being kissed by a woman

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Guys! Lola Easter cards at the grocery store! I bought 2